Gutter Safety

Gutters, no matter if they are plastic, metal or seamless guttering systems, get clogged. When leaf matter and other debris build up, they can no longer remove rain water effectively from your home, which can cause damp problems. Gutter cleaning can be an awkward, messy, and dangerous job is not properly done. When a professional gutter cleaner cannot be called, or you’d rather try your hand at gutter cleaning yourself, there are a few areas of safety to keep in mind.


Ladder Safety

A two person team and a sturdy ladder are needed to properly ensure ladder safety at all times. With a ladder leaned against the home, your helper will stabilize it at the bottom, never leaving while you are on it. The ladder should be placed on sturdy ground, not a slope or grass which can give way. A helper will also keep you from having to move up and down the ladder as often. Before you begin cleaning your gutters, ensure you are in a position where you will not have to lean or reach to clear the debris.If you are not comfortable with heights, then a professional should be used.


Protective Equipment

For gutter cleaning, protective gear is a must. Goggles and heavy waterproof gloves will both protect you from sharp or messy debris, but can make cleaning up easier. Biting insects and rodents can make their home in your gutters and eaves, so being on the lookout for these. Keeping a hose handy can keep flying insects away. If you are using a bucket to place your debris into once you clean it out, be sure to use a rope to tie the bucket to either the roof or ladder to prevent it falling and dropping on someone or something below.


Garden Hose

The most effective tool to remove debris is your garden hose. First remove any large debris by hand or using a trowel, such as sticks or large pieces of moss. Your helper on the ground should make sure the hose is not tangled and at the proper pressure at all times. Once the large debris is cleared, use your hose to wash away the rest of the vegetation in your gutters.


Spring and Autumn Cleaning

The two times of year your home will need the gutters cleaned the most are spring and autumn. With spring rains and blooms, your gutters can be filled with debris knocked loose from the roof, like moss, or with flowers and blooms from nearby trees. By the end of spring, gutter cleaning is often necessary. Autumn cleaning is equally important, since falling leaves will quickly clog and stop a gutter up.

Or better yet, rather than cleaning yourself, why not hire gutter cleaning in High Wycombe.